Dr. Jane Smith

Office: 338 Humanities Center

Phone: 615-555-5555


I will make every effort to ensure that your experience of visual studies is meaningful and pertinent to your everyday life. In return, please take the time to read this syllabus carefully and contact me right away if you have any questions or concerns. I will respond to emails within 24 hours, usually sooner, but I am slower on the weekends. If I do not respond to your message within 24 hours assume I did not get your email.

Teaching Assistant:
Jared Nelson

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand the major figures, movements, and trends in European and American art and architecture from 1750 to present.
  2. Recognize and articulate the formal properties of art and architecture from this period
  3. Describe the variety of ways artists and architects have defined their role in society and how these notions helped shape the production of their work

Your Responsibilities

By Enrolling in this class:

  • You agree to uphold the standards of academic integrity described in the Student Handbook
  • You agree to spend an average of 6 hours per week on assignments outside of class.
  • You agree to complete all readings and related assignments on time.
  • You agree to be available for the exam dates listed. There are no make-up exams unless and legitimate emergency occurs and I am notified immediately


Points are earned through a variety of learning activities, assigned throughout the semester. The total number of points earned will determine your course grade.

  • 99-90% is an A
  • 89-80% is a B
  • 79-70% is a C
  • 69-60% is a D
  • less than 60% is an F.

Policy on Late Work

All online posts and essays must be submitted no later than 9am on the date indicated in the course schedule. In general, late work is not accepted (this includes exams). Expectations and due dates are made very clear and if you encounter unexpected circumstances, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor (not the TA) to request an extension before the due date.

Course Schedule Spring 2014

Unit 1: Becoming Modern (1750-1900)

  • (w) Jan. 22 Course Introduction
  • (m) Jan. 27 The Enlightenment & Neoclassicism
  • (w) Jan. 29 Romanticism & Nineteenth century Landscapes
  • (m) Feb. 3 Early Photography
  • (w) Feb. 5 Inventing Realism
  • (m) Feb. 10 Impressionism: Art & Modernity
  • (w) Feb. 12 TBD
  • (m) Feb. 17 Post-Impressionism: The Rise of the Avant-Garde
  • (w) Feb. 19 Exam: Unit 1

Unit 2: Art in the Age of Global Conflict (1907-1945)

  • (m) Feb. 24 Urbanism & Expressionism: Die Brücke, Fauvism, and the Ashcan School
  • (w) Feb. 26 Myths of the Primitive
  • (m) March 3 Cubism
  • (w) March 5 Futurism & Suprematism
  • (m) March 10 Dada
  • (w) March 12 Surrealism
  • (m) March 17 Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, and the International Style
  • (w) March 19 American Abstraction Realism in the Americas
  • (m) March 31 Social Realism in the Americas
  • (w) April 2 Class Project

Unit 3: The Shifting Object(s) of Art (1945 - 2010)

  • (m) April 7 Abstract Expressionism
  • (w) April 9 The New York School
  • (m) April 14 Pop Art
  • (w) April 16 Minimalism & Process Art
  • (m) April 21 Performance Art
  • (w) April 23 Land Art/ Earthworks
  • (m) April 28 Feminist Art
  • (w) April 30 Postmodernism Part 1: Appropriation
  • (m) May 5 Postmodernism Part 2: Identity & Institutional Critique
  • (w) May 7 Exam: Unit 3

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